Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Monday's Surface

Last week we left Opie in the water near the power plant being attacked by little nimrods. Jethro (who is insane) and Girl Genius were at the bottom of the ocean in their home-made diving bell, which was slowly flooding and without power. BTY, they were at the bottom of the sea because Jethro (who is insane) physically prevented Girl Genius from activating the flotation device which would have taken them to the surface. Jethro (who is insane) did this because his dead brother wanted them on the ocean floor amid the spawning sea monsters (but he did promise that they would be OK).

This week Opie is back home with bloody wounds on his legs and Nimrod is hiding in his closet. He collapses at school and is taken to the hospital with a 108 degree fever (in real life a fever that high pretty much guarantees brain damage). Opie's sister and his friend (you know the one who kind of looks like Sean Penn in Fast Times at Ridgemont High) catch Nimrod and take him to the hospital so the cute woman doctor can figure out what it is about his bite that is making Opie's body cook itself from the inside. Also at the hospital is a marine biologist from the aquarium where Opie is doing his community service. This marine biologist is tracking the trail of bodies left by Nimrod and his family and friends as they make their presence known in the world of Man. Nimrod escapes from the pet carrier and makes his way to Opie's room, where he uses his sea monster healing powers to cure him. Then a cop shoots Nimrod with his Beretta.

Meanwhile in the middle of the Pacific Ocean Girl Genius has managed to get Jethro (who is insane) to stop talking to his dead brother long enough to help her get the diving bell to the surface. They are in the rubber raft in a thunder storm wondering where Girl Genius's friend' s boat is (not knowing that he has been killed by the adult nimrods). They deal with man eating sharks and a pin hole leak in the raft and hypothermia before getting rescued by a navy helo. Also, Girl Genius eats some seaweed.

The very last thing we see is the marine biologist is taking Nimrod's body out of the refrigerator to perform a necropsy (that is an autopsy for a dead animal). He has picked up a scalpel and is about to make his first incision when the screen fades to black and starts rolling credits. The question is, will Nimrod come back to life and electrocute the biologist? It has been established that the creatures have blood which can heal. The biggest reason to think that Nimrod will spring back to life is that in a 20 episode season this was only the tenth episode. The death of Nimrod would mean that there was no reason for Opie to get any more camera time and he is one of the stars. Another question is who is that old dude in the greenhouse. You know the one that the DOD spook takes his order from. His face is always covered when he is on camera which implies that the audience would know him if it saw him. But who would the audience recognize in the context of this show? One friend of mine suggested that it might be DICK CHENEY.