Saturday, December 03, 2005

More on the Christmas Wars

Over at NRO Jonah Goldberg has a piece about the secular left's attempt to purge any trace of Christmas out of the public square and the religious right's reaction to it. He believes that:

". . .Conservatives should be wary of launching a backlash. Just as it is counterproductive for a secular liberal to take offense at a well-intentioned
"Merry Christmas," it doesn't help if a conservative says "Merry Christmas" when
he really means "Eat yuletide, you atheistic bastard!" If you're putting up a christmas tree in order to tick off the ACLU, you've really missed the point."

Mr. Goldberg makes a valid point. If the only thing that Christmas means to you is a chance to give the finger to the left then you have missed the point (of what Christmas means) and missed it badly. However there is another issue at stake. The principal that a very large majority of people should not have to do a cultural "cut and paste" job on their society just to please a tiny minority who are suffering no harm whatsoever. The only damage being done to the anti-Christmas fanatics is the brusing their egos get by having their complete irrevelance to the greater culture ground into their faces this time of year. Every carol and crèche only reinforce how badly out of step they are with the society in which they live. So, rather than doing the adult thing and coming to grips with the fact that most people think differently than them, they throw a tantrum and demand that everyone else conform to their idea of how things ought to be.

In this context doing something like saying "Merry Christmas" or putting up a Christmas tree to "tick off the ACLU" makes perfect sense. There is a legend that when the Germans occupied Denmark during WWII they ordered the Danish Jews to wear the yellow star. The story goes on to say that King Christian X then put on a yellow star and explained that since all Danes were equal what was done to one was done to all. Other gentile Danes were then said to have sewed the yellow star onto their cloths as well. So many that it became useless as a way of setting Jews apart. The Nazis were then said to have recended the order. In like manner we can say NO to the tyrants of our age. Say "Merry Christmas" and put up a tree. Buy your tree from a store which identifies them as "Christmas Trees" rather than "Holliday Trees". The Bible promises us that if we resist the Devil he will flee from us. I seriously doubt that the ACLU has more courage than Satan.