Saturday, December 03, 2005

Serenity News!

In an interview with MoviesOnline Joss Whedon discuses Serenity and says that the DVD sales will play a big part in whether there is a future for the franchise.

And has a rumor, which they stress is a bit of industry gossip only, that there will be a Serenity MOW on the Sci-Fi channel. Apparently Universal doesn't think that Serenity's box office take was enough to justify another theatrical release, however it was good enough to make for a very successful cable MOW.

All this depends upon the DVD sales. They are moving along well, the pre-order is #30 on's DVD chart right now, but the better it does the greater the chances of more Serenity. If you have any interest in seeing the franchise continue then click the box to the left and order a DVD or two or three. They will make great gifts.