Thursday, December 01, 2005

Tookie Williams RIP (we hope)

FrontPageMag has an excellent piece by Ben Johnson today called Let Tookie Williams Die. Here's the first paragraph:
TOOKIE WILLIAMS WROTE JUVENILE LITERATURE SO INSPIRING, IT’S A PITY HIS VICTIMS NEVER GOT TO READ IT TO THEIR CHILDREN. Last night, the California State Supreme Court refused to grant a stay of execution to convicted murderer and co-founder of the deadly street gang the Crips, Stanley “Tookie” Williams Sr. Short of a governor’s pardon, Tookie will (finally) die by lethal injection in San Quentin on December 13 for the brutal murder of four people in 1979. A group of Hollywood’s limousine “liberals,” radical leftists, and Farrakhanites now urge Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (whom they otherwise despise) to grant clemency – and he has granted them a private hearing next week to discuss the matter. We wish he’d instead offer them front row seats to the blessed event.
Arnold is a poor politician who has just had his head handed to him with the defeat of the four referenda which he was pushing (all of them good ideas, BTY). He likes being governor and wants to be reelected. He knows that caving in to the Hollywood Left [spit] would buy him a few days of good press. Readers in CA would do well to call the governor's mansion and remind Arnold that letting a vicious murdering scumbag savage like Tookie go on drawing breath while his victims lie in their graves and their families continue to grieve would not help him with the folks who's support he needs, the average voter.