Monday, January 16, 2006


The season premier of 24 did not let me down. It takes courage for the producers of a popular series to kill off a popular character. They killed off three (well, two for sure and the third isn't looking too good).

President Logan, as we learned last season, is an idiot and weakling. His wife is insane and one of his closest aids is a traitor. Jack is on the run, having been set up to take the fall for murdering former president Palmer. Michelle is dead and Tony is likely dying. Terrorists are holding an airport full of people (including Jack's girlfriend's son) hostage in order to disrupt an arms control agreement between the USA and Russia. Chloe finally got laid (by a colleague at the CTU who may be a traitor) and she is under arrest for aiding Jack in getting away from the FBI.

In other words everything is pretty much normal in the universe of Jack Bauer.