Thursday, January 19, 2006


There are few pleasures greater than listening to Capercaillie. They are almost single handedly responsible for the renewed interest in Celtic music in the world today. It may be a stretch, but not that much of one, to say that they did the groundwork for Riverdance.

My three favorite CD's are Delrium, Beautiful Wasteland and Secret People. The last is a play on the fact that "celtoi" is the ancient Celtic word for the doctrine of secrecy which the Druids held. This led them to pass on all their knowledge orally rather than writing it down. This caused the Romans to refer to them as "Celts". The name of the sadly defunct Texas Celtic band Clandestine is also a reference to this.

BTY, if anyone is interested Clandestine CD's are still available from EJ Jones' website.