Wednesday, January 18, 2006

What's a Hollywood moonbat to do?

Mat Drudge is reporting that Steven Spielberg is upset that executives at Universal are promoting Brokeback Mountain at the expense of Munich.

The enthusiastic backing of BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN by UNIVERSAL chief Stacey Snider has come at the expense of MUNICH, a top source involved with the Steven Spielberg drama tells the DRUDGE REPORT. "Stacey and her team believe BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN is their winner this year," claims a well-placed insider. "The movie has been spoiled, spoiled and spoiled again, with endless promotion and support. MUNICH, on the other hand, has been horribly neglected. Steven has been thrown in the backseat. It has been painful."

This must present a near fatal moral conflict for Hollywood elites. On the one hand Brokeback Mountain is a homosexual love story presented in such a way as to make it seem mainstream. The holy grail of the homosexual movement in this country has been to move from tolerance to acceptance and ultimately to endorsement by the greater culture. The hype surrounding the movie obscures the fact that the number of people who have actually bothered to go and see the picture in the entire time it has been in release is less than half the number that went to see Narnia on its opening weekend.

On the other hand Munich makes the case for moral equivalence between Israel and the Palestinian terrorists. An attack by the PLO and the response by the Mosad are simply two sides of the coin both equally damaging to any hope for peace in the region. This pleases the left on so many different levels. They get to have a politically correct cover for anti- Semitism. They get to bash the only Western style democracy in the Middle East. They get to make a veiled statement about America's own war against terror.

I suppose that in the end it comes down to two things. One, there are more homosexuals than Islamofascists working in Hollywood. Two, Munich has been a major money loser, so far bringing in less than half of what it cost to make, while Brokeback has so far made more than twice what it cost to produce. All else being equal always follow the money.

To end on a hopeful note we should remember that in spite of all the hype, all the media attention paid to both movies, all the hopes pinned on both of them by enemies (internal and external) of this nation, neither has managed to draw as many theatergoers as mega-flop Doom.