Friday, January 06, 2006

Your Papers Please. . .

I heard today that the Department of Homeland Security has hired the former director of the KGB to develop an internal passport system for the United States. I found a number of references to this on the web, however the websites that are discussing it are not ones that I would consider 100% reliable. I have a source who tells me that he read about this in an official government publication. I will run this down with him and try to post a link that I can be confidant wont take you to some kind of tinfoil hat website.

If this is true the American public will not accept it. At least not without another major terrorist attack on US soil. We will not voluntarily lay down for a system that requires us to show our "papers" before crossing a state (or even county) line.

I spoke with the person who tipped me to this story. He read about it in a publication distributed in the Department of Homeland Security which summarizes news stories about DHS. It does not confirm or deny them. The original source was an opinion piece in the Burlington Free Press. I nosed around their website and didn't see any blueprints for constructing a tinfoil hat or ads for anal microchip detectors so I would say that they were as credible as any other mainstream daily newspaper.