Thursday, February 16, 2006

Beaming planes

Detroit media is abuzz with reports about 16(!) pilots at Detroit Metro Airport being targeted with blinding laser pointers.

The business about laser pointers being a danger to airplanes is a tempest in a teapot. They pose no danger.

Some say that the purpose of the lasers is not just about distracting pilots, but measuring distances from the ground to plains, in order to judge possible strike range for surface-to-air missiles.

Then they would be laser range finders, not pointers. There are other ways of measuring the hight of planes than lasers that can be seen from the planes. Also, sholder fired surface-to-air missiles don't need to have the target altitude programed into them from an external source. They typically lock onto the heat signature of a jet engine. A larger SAM, like a Hawk, would illuminate the target with radar, not a laser pinpoint.

And guess where the laser pointers' strobes are coming from?

Surprise, surprise--law enforcement investigators have pinpointed the lasers to Dearborn and Dearborn Heights, Michigan--both comprising the HEART of Islamic America. We like to call it by a more appropriate appellation: "Little Ramallah."

In fact, Dearborn Heights is the location of the Hezbollah Mosque (at which the feds kowtowed). The mosque, the Islamic Center of America is headed by Imam Mohammed Ali Elahi, whom I've openly said was an agent of the Government of Iran. In his monthly Detroit News column, Elahi is Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's most prominent U.S. ally.

Another location from which the laser pointers emanated, Michigan Avenue and Telegraph Road, is in the heart of Dearborn's most extremist Muslim population. A gas station not far from there was raided not long after 9/11 for funding the Holy Land Foundation--shut down by President Bush for funding HAMAS (HLF also had strong ties to Al-Qaeda).

There is some merit in this part. I doesn't matter if the laser pointers are a real danger to planes as long as they are perceived to be some kind of threat. If I had to guess what this was all about I would say that it is some kind of probe. An attempt to provoke authorities into taking some kind of action in order to study the response. As such anyone "beaming" a plane from these areas should be treated as a potential terrorist.

I can't vouch for any of the links in the above. I got this from Debbie Schlussel's website .