Sunday, February 26, 2006

Galactica Name Guide

Since there are multiple copies of Six and Sharon running around the Galactica universe I think that a guide to help tell them apart is in order.

Boomer: The reborn Sharon (Cylon model 8) who had (believing herself to be human) infiltrated the Galactica. Was outted as a Cylon when she shot Commander Adama on the bridge of the Galactica. She had also sabotaged the Galactica causing it to lose most of its water supply. Upon being "reborn" she was unable to reenter Cylon society and joined with Caprica Six in attempting to preach a new doctrine to the Cylon people.

Current status: Unknown

Sharon: The Sharon (Cylon model 8) who was placed in the company of Helo on Caprica in order to make him fall in love with her. She helped Starbuck and Helo escape from Caprica and is currently a prisoner on Galactica. She has given limited help to the humans, saving the Fleet on one occasion. Sharon's placement on Galactica is part of the Cylon Grand Plan. She just gave birth to the child she and Helo conceived on Caprica and currently believes the child to be dead.

Current Status: A prisoner on Galactica. She is angry at the President and Adama because she believes that one or both of them ordered the murder of her child.

Six: The Cylon model 6 who seduced Baltar on Caprica when he was a consultant to the Department of Defense. She was able to use her relationship with Baltar to gain access to the DOD mainframe and download all of the plans and access codes and upload a virus. The Cylon's used this information to devastating effect in their surprise attack on the Colonies. The virus disabled all the Colonial naval units except the Galactica (because Adama would not allow its computers to be networked).

Current Status: Physically deceased she now exists as a personality imprint on Baltar's brain. She is able to communicate with him as a fully interactive hallucination. She can exercise limited control over his body, causing him to harm himself when she is displeased with him. She has manipulated and "brainwashed" him into believing that he is an instrument of the Cylon god.

Caprica Six: The reborn version of the Cylon model 6 which seduced Baltar on Caprica. After Six was killed in the Cylon nuclear attack on Caprica City one copy of her memory/personality matrix was placed into Baltar and another was given a new body on Caprica. The reborn version is known to the other Cylons as "Caprica Six" and is considered a hero by the average Cylon. She is viewed as a threat by the Cylon priesthood who attempted to drive her insane by bringing her into contact with Boomer (see above). Her brain carries a partial imprint of Baltar's personality (possibly as a side effect of the process which put her into his head). She has joined with Boomer to spread a new message of love and tolerance to the Cylon people.

Current Status: Unknown