Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Poor babies

Banagor just put up an excellent rant on his blog called Bemoaning Islam's Poor Image. Here's a bit of it:

What truly amazes me, even after I've ranted about it so often, is what a shithole the Muslim world is. There they are, all the rich Gulf States of Arabia, and they do what, exactly? What? Are they of any value at all aside from a convenient place to park our bombers before we have to go smack around the next fanatic dickhead who starts spouting off verses from the Koran about global domination?

These guys have all the money they want, and they do absolutely squat with it. It seems like the only time I ever read about Saudi Arabia spending money is finding new ways to "spread the good word of Allah" around the world, or by buying custom-made solid gold Rolex watches with encrusted diamonds.

I've made the point before that the Islam dominated Arab nations couldn't discover their own oil, pump their own oildeliverever it to their customers. They couldn't defend themselves if other nations didn't sell them weapons. Their Mullahs broadcast their psychotic hateful "sermons" over PA equipment that they couldn't build. They drive cars that they could not build. Fly planes that they could not build. They communicate on telephones that they couldn't have invented and cannot build. They use computers that they could not build and need to import technicians to operate, repair and program for them.

They have nothing that they actually created for themselves, yet they walk around with a massive sense of entitlement and a chip on their shoulders the size of Kansas.