Monday, February 20, 2006

Tonight's 24

Tonight's body count: 6

Jack Bauer's body count: 3

Badger is now dead. I will miss him. It would have been better if he had kept the Irish accent and the bowler hat, but it was still good to see him.

Tonight was the annual "arrest Jack Bauer" episode. As I predicted someone at CTU would be arrested and charged for helping him. I thought it would be S4GF, but instead it was Col. McQueen. I didn't see that coming.

The terrorists looked like they were carrying the same kind of weapons that Cameron Mitchell is now carrying on Stargate: SG-1. I may be wrong about this. If anyone got a good look at them fill me in.

Mary Todd Weasel is riding with the Russian President and his wife. Will Pres. Weasel stop the motorcade or take the opportunity to get rid of her? I'm sure that his smarmey aid will tell him to sacrifice her. After all if his wife is killed in the ambush nobody will suspect that Pres. Weasel was in on it.

On an unrelated matter I have the documentary on Reagan that is being shown on TBN on in the background. It is EXCELLENT! I'm glad that I'm taping it. Reagan was the greatest president since Jefferson. Favorite quote from Reagan, "Communism is a form of insanity". He would say the same thing about fundamentalist Islam.

Hearing Reagan's voice again brings back that feeling that there is an unlimited future for America that he gave the nation.

Is there a man, or woman, out there who could step out in 2008 and pick up the standard? I don't know.


Our friend White Trash Republican says, "WooHoo, this one was good. I loved seeing hobbitboy implode. He'll be screaming about the stolen frozen strawberries before too long."

Why the heck didn't I think of that one? I blame my writers! Someone is getting canned behind this!


It just hit me who the head terrorist (the one who knifed Badger) was. He also plays the head Prior of the Ori on Stargate SG-1. Jack Bauer is going to have to be very careful in going up against him. He should have S4GF contact her father (the Secretary of Defense) and have him put Bauer in contact with the SGC. He can use the technology that they have developed to block his powers. This will give him a window of opportunity to take him out.