Monday, February 27, 2006

Tonight's 24

It came as no surprise when Samwise Gamgee melted down and had to be relieved. It was a surprise that it came from within, however. As the guards dragged him out he was heard to mutter something about "strawberries".

President Weasel was prepared to let Mary Todd Weasel die in the ambush, but the palace coup in CTU prevented it.

President Suvarov is damn lucky he was in LA rather than Washington DC or he would be on his way to jail for having that handgun. Don't even think about what would have happened to him in London. Defending yourself is a major felony there.

How could Jack Bauer be stupid enough to let Peter Weller put him in that position. Didn't he see the Enterprise rerun last night? After Weller tried to destroy Starfleet Command with the Vertron Array did Jack think that cooking nerve gas for terrorists would be a problem for him?

Weller is in for it now. Blowing up Jack Bauer only pisses him off.