Monday, March 20, 2006

24 commentary

Let’s see. Homeland Security is taking over CTU. Since CTU is a DOD operation it would take a literal act of Congress to move it between agencies, but that won’t stop the Evil Vice President (who we just know is behind the whole thing, I’ll bet he’s not just a Christian, but a Deacon in his church).

Speaking of the Evil Vice President lets talk about his most Evil Plot. Imposing martial law on LA. Now if you have terrorists running around LA with nerve gas and they want to kill as many people as possible how would you prevent them from doing that? Well, you might keep people off the streets and out of the theaters, shopping malls, restaurants, sports arenas, churches, and various workplaces. You might want to shut down traffic on the city streets and freeways to make it harder for the terrorists to move about and plant their nerve gas canisters. How can you do these things? Perhaps declare martial law and impose a curfew?

The truth is that kind of situation is why the law allows martial law in the first place. This particular plot point is, in its own way, one of the most ridiculous parts of the show to date.

Matta Hari fingered S4GF, also known as Audrey Raines, as the one who sold the super secret schematics to the Head Prior of the Ori. This is going to be good. Of course, the first thing that would occur to a normal human being was that the traitor in DOD was only using Audrey’s name. The first thing that will likely occur to Jack Bauer is exactly what kind of torture to apply to Audrey to get her to talk.

Evil Vice President (most likely an NRA life member) didn’t want President Palmer’s brother to hand over something to Red Foreman so he ordered his squad of ninja assassins (otherwise known as his Secret Service protective detail?) to kill him. So they overtake his car in a big black SUV and shoot out his tire then hunt him through the woods like a deer. Instead of say, setting up a roadblock and acting like just another layer of security at the presidential compound which he would have stopped for.

Oh well, that’s all for tonight.