Sunday, March 26, 2006

24 Tomorrow Night

A new episode of 24 airs tomorrow night. After last week's episode where not one single person died I hope that we get back to normal. After all it will have been more than an hour since Jack Bauer has killed anyone and he's bound to be getting twitchy.

We are also promised we'll get to see Jack beating the truth out of S4GF. That should be fun.

Other issues of interest: Julie Meyers is staging a takeover of CTU by DHS. Apparently she's bringing the entire Hurricane Katrina task force to run the search for the stolen nerve gas.

That ought to work out just great.

One question. Since the Prior of the Ori planned to take the gas back to Russia to force the Kremlin to hallow the Ori and the whole "gas the US" business is an afterthought how is it that he was able to put together such an elaborate plan? I mean they create diversions, attack CTU, arrange with Matta Hari to buy some super secret schematics to a target that will let them kill 200000 Americans. Talk about a "Plan B". What did the plan to use the gas in Moscow look like?