Thursday, March 23, 2006

The Moonbats Screech

The "Christian" Peacemaker Teams issued a statement regarding the rescue of their team members who had been captured and held hostage in Iraq by terrorist forces. You can read it here.

Notice first the absolute ingratitude of these leftist weasels. There is not one word of thanks for the US Military personnel who risked their lives to save these unworthy loons.

Remember if this group had their way Saddam Hussein would still be filling mass graves and his sons would still be raping adolescent girls and torturing athletes for failing to win gold medals in the Olympics.

These alpha hotels have more sympathy for and solidarity with, the murdering terrorists who tortured and murdered their own coworker, who want to restore a mass murdering sociopath to his throne, than they have for the American military. The same American military which freed that nation and is rebuilding it after three decades of deterioration and destruction at the hands of the monster that this group would see still in power.

These people call themselves Christians, but there is no scriptural basis for their doctrines. They have simply dressed up extreme leftist hatred of the West in pseudo religious garb. The next time any of these people get themselves captured by terrorists I hope the military just lets them rot.