Sunday, April 30, 2006

America Day!

As you know by now tomorrow, May 1, is the day that the alien criminals and their fellow traveling allies who hate this nation and want to see it destroyed have chosen to attempt to close down the American economy.

They plan to do this by going on strike for the day and turning out to rampage through the streets waving the Mexican flag and calling for the southwestern portion of the US to be returned to the control of the corrupt, incompetent, socialist Mexican government.

Some have suggested that real Americans should boycott anything having to do with Mexico tomorrow. I agree, but I think we should go a little bit further.

I call upon one and all true Americans to make tomorrow America Day. Fly the Stars and Stripes. Eat only American food and drink only American beer (there are enough microbrews and craft brews that no one will be forced to drink Budweiser). Desecrate a Mexican flag if you have one laying about.

And above all speak only English.

Send a message to the alien criminals that they are not welcome here and to the craven poltroons in the United States Senate that their precious jobs depend on doing the right thing on immigration.