Saturday, May 20, 2006

Don't calm down. . . yet

I’ve been noticing that a lot of the blogs that have been expressing anger at the sell out on immigration being committed by the President and certain senators are either having second thoughts or are experiencing a kind of emotional burnout. I understand this, but it is a little too soon to let up.

Let’s have a little civics lesson:

Every two years the entire House of Representatives is up for reelection while only one third of the Senate is up for reelection. The Senators pushing hardest for amnesty and open borders are either left-liberals like Ted Kennedy from states with left-wing majorities like Massachusetts or “Republicans” who are not up for reelection this year (one exception is DeWine from Ohio who is falling further and further behind in the polls).

The American people are expressing their will in regard to amnesty very clearly. They do not want it. The House, which must face the public in mass this November, passed a tough “borders only” bill. The Senate, which is mostly shielded from the public this year, is approving a very liberal amnesty/guest worker bill that gives the hollow promise of beefed up border security later (a promise that no person with an IQ in the double digits believes for a nanosecond).

A conference committee is about to be convened to reconcile the different immigration reform bills passed by the House and the Senate. So now, in the words of the immortal Margaret Thatcher, is not the time to go all wobbly.

The House is very well aware of the rage which is boiling away in the non-moonbat portion of the electorate (otherwise known as the “majority”). It has already been announced that the House members who will be appointed to the conference committee will be dominated by anti-amnesty hardliners. This means that no compromise bill that includes amnesty and defers tougher border security, including a fence, is likely to be approved. Unless, that is, the House leadership gets the impression that the public’s feelings have cooled off and they would be willing to accept the Senate’s take on immigration reform.

Then the temptation to just give in to the pressure from the Open Borders Lobby (and their chief spokesman George W Bush) might just be irresistible.

So blow on the embers of your anger for just a little bit longer. Once a conference bill having a border fence and no amnesty is brought back to the Congress to be voted on again the Democrats are going to have a problem. The moonbat portion of their constituency will demand that they vote against it and the non-moonbat portion will demand that they vote for it. The problem for them is that without the votes of both groups they can’t win.

It is true that a handful of “Republicans” face the same problem, but if they fail to be reelected so what? We will be well rid of RINOs like them.

The focus on the depth of George W Bush’s error in carrying water for Vicente Fox and the alien criminals has obscured the fact that without the connivance of both houses of Congress no change in immigration policy is possible.

The Harriet Meiers and DP World port deal prove that the President can learn if the spanking stings enough. Keep up the pressure on the House of Representatives until they kill amnesty and Mr. Bush will retreat for the balance of his final term.

Let the immigration question stay alive into the November election and it will work for us. Leave the final resolution to a later congress and a later president.