Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The latest Democrat bribery scandal

Michelle Malkin has a cute picture up about the latest product for congressmen who need to store bribe money.

She also has some links to commentary on the bizarre tantrum that congress is throwing regarding the FBI raid on Congressman William Jefferson's office.

Now I understand why the Democrats are upset. They were hoping to sail into majority status this November on the "culture of corruption" slogan. Jefferson is just the latest Democrat to get caught with his hand in the cookie jar. "Culture of corruption" was dead before this, but it can't be pleasant to have it continually jammed in your face.

Note to Democrats: You need to abandon any campaign strategy that requires you seem to project any positive qualities of character. Even pointing out some proven Republican dishonesty will ultimately backfire as you have a far larger problem in that area than they do. If you want to regain power focus on your only true strength. Promise the non-productive part of our society that you will steal ever larger amounts of money from the productive part of our society (you know the people who create jobs, pay wages, create wealth, uplift society and raise the standard of living for everyone - you know the people you hate). Ignore the fact that doing this for a long enough time will bring down our economy after all your constituents are too ignorant and selfish to know or care.

But why would Republicans care that the FBI hit a corrupt congressman's office? Separation of powers is a transparently thin excuse for objecting to the FBI executing a lawfully obtained search warrant. Perhaps they are worried that they will lose power this November and then face a President Hillary starting Jan. 2009? After the business with the Travel Office they know what the Clintons will do to anyone who gets in their way.

I just pray that the President doesn't screw up and apologize for this. Stand firm and the media will back off (resist the Devil and he will flee from you).