Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The latest on Haditha

Macsmind has what is probably the most reliable information on the incident at Haditha:

However, talking with REAL sources, apparently what happened is bad, but not as what the MSM is protraying (no duh there), but that doesn't clear the Marine unit involved either. Word is that the investigation has NOT completed, but that it looks like there will be disciplinary action taken.

As to the "all the way to the top!", The command of the unit in question appears to have been commanded by a first line supervisor, who is being defended by Bush critic and Iraq war vet and failed politician Paul Hackett (nuff said).

In other words if true this was a single unit under a single leader with a god complex.

The investiation is still being carried out. Reports from the field indicate that it is being done right. Everyone should just hold on until real information is available.