Sunday, May 28, 2006

There but by the grace of God. . .

A little while back Paul Belien wrote this in the Dutch section of the Brussels Journal:

"it is the duty of the state to protect its citizens against predators", but that when the state fails to exercise this function, citizens should have the right to arm themselves.

He was speaking about the government giving Belgian citizens the right to carry pepper spray. The “predators” are North African immigrants mostly Muslim and often illegal.

As a result of this statement Mr. Belien has been denounced by The Center for Equal Opportunities and Opposition against racism (CEOOR), a governmental agency in Belgium. He has been threatened with a massive lawsuit and there have been calls for his prosecution.

In Belgium as it is in the UK and as it ultimately will be in America the goal of the gun control movement will be to criminalize self defense itself. You do not breed a nation of docile sheep until you purge out the concept of standing up for yourself in any context from the population.

Multiculturalism in practice destroys a nation. It makes impossible the cohesion, the shared outlook and common interests, which enable a collection of individuals to form a stable society.

Multiculturalism as a political theory is used by leftist elites to suppress dissent by stigmatizing opponents as racists, bigots, fundamentalists or any other of a grab-bag of negative epithets. When the Leftist philosophy has advanced far enough into a nation’s governing zeitgeist it can even be used as a basis for civil and even criminal legal action.

Opponents of the left-wing agenda should watch carefully what is happening in Europe. There are far too many people in this nation who regard organizations like CEOOR to be valiant trailblazers pointing the way to a Utopian future.

I shouldn’t need to remind anyone that the roads to Utopian futures always end in places with names like Sobibor, Kolyma, and Jonestown.