Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Patrick at Born Again Redneck has a post up about Iraq where he says this:

Several of you have said I'm nuts to think that the commies in this country are more dangerous than the Jihadists but, sorry, I won't budge from that opinion. I feel that, if we could just get rid of the commies in this country so that we could conduct this war with full force instead of pussy-footing, it would be over by now. You know the Jihadists are emboldened by the nonsense that our treacherous commies talk. If we could shut up our traitors, we could bomb the Jihadists back to the Stone Age where they want to be to be anyway.

I posted a comment in which I agreed with him. He suggested that I post that comment here. So here it is with some additions:

You are correct. The venomous left in this nation is far more of a threat than the terrorists.

Terrorists cannot appoint a Justice to the Supreme Court that will use foreign law rather than the United States constitution to decide cases.

Terrorists cannot create a political climate in the US which will lead to US servicemen being railroaded by false accusations of war crimes. Accusations which melt away like a snowball in a blast furnace when objectively examined.

Terrorists cannot enact legislation like McCain-Feingold which places unacceptable limits on free speech in order to further protect incumbent legislators.

Terrorists cannot take over the administration of our institutes of higher learning and pack their faculties with like minded leftist professors who will indoctrinate our young people with poisonous doctrines of political correctness and multiculturalism. Doctrines which, when they have spread through a society, will render that society defenseless against threats both external and internal.

Terrorists cannot gain control of our major mainstream media and use them as a Ministry of Propaganda and Enlightenment for the Democrat Party.

Terrorists cannot kill our prosperity by raising taxes and increasing government regulation.

Terrorists cannot pervert the establishment clause of the first amendment into an absolute ban on any mention of God in the public square.

Terrorists cannot render honest citizens defenseless against predatory criminals by enacting gun control laws.

Terrorists cannot keep us dependent on foreign oil by preventing us from developing our domestic resources.

Terrorists cannot open our southern border to an unlimited number of third world immigrants and fast track them into citizenship in order to give the Democrat Party an unbreakable electoral majority which will last for more than a century.

Left-liberals can do all of these things and worse.

I hate them. I hate them with every fiber of my being. I know that on a one-to-one basis many of them can be very nice people. But I also know that if given the chance to exercise power they would ruin this nation and bring about slaughter of the type not seen since the days of Stalin.