Sunday, June 04, 2006

One more essay on immigration

When politicians and activist want us to do something that will rob us of our money or our freedom, or just in general harm the nation, they do not come up to us directly and say, “hey how about you let us do this really bad thing to you”. We would just say “no”. What they do instead of being honest is try to trick us. The best, most time tested, trick that they play on us it to create an atmosphere of crisis.

The current immigration debate is a perfect example of this. Let’s examine the situation. First of all there is no “crisis of illegal immigration”. What exists is a problem of long standing which needs to be addressed sooner than later, but not necessarily right now. The problem is that there are anywhere from 12 to 20 million illegal aliens in this country. They are from nations in South and Central American and Europe, but the vast majority is from Mexico. Entry from Mexico is easy because of our 2000 mile border which is mostly unguarded.

Of course we share an even longer border with Canada, but the Canadian government is not a hopelessly corrupt oligarchy presiding over a dysfunctional economy and a largely ignorant poverty stricken population with no education and nothing to offer an employer other than a willingness to do hard manual labor for next to no pay. Canada’s long unguarded border IS a problem, but it is several orders of magnitude less a problem than the Mexican border.

Now let’s walk through the issue and try to separate the truth from the hype. Remember the politicians and the activists are going to be trying to distract us and make us think that things are so urgent that we must do something NOW. Even if the legislation has serious flaws it still must be passed RIGHT NOW because to do nothing is to invite UTTER RUIN.

To begin the open borders activists tell us that the state of our southern border is a threat to our national security. There is a great deal of truth to this. Terrorists could easily walk across the border concealed within the tens of thousands of ordinary illegal Mexicans and others that cross every month. This truth becomes the stage magician’s right hand waving around theatrically so that we will not notice his left hand slipping into his pocket.

Let us pause here and examine what it is that the magician does not which us to notice. In other words what are the open borders activists really trying to accomplish? In order to understand this we must realize that there are actually three groups pushing for amnesty for those illegal aliens already in this country and a liberalized immigration policy which will allow for far more immigrants to enter from south of the border.

One group is acting out of economic motives. They are represented by the Chamber of Commerce, which has strongly backed the Senate immigration bill. Their motivation is not mysterious. They desire that wages in the United States be depressed and other business costs to be as low as possible. Uneducated peasants willing to work hard for little money accomplish this goal. It does not matter that illegal aliens amount to only about 5% of the workforce. That 5% is enough to create competition for jobs that keeps wages down. It also lowers costs for building maintenance and new construction, because of the way that illegals cluster in the building trades. It also lowers the cost of business services. Remember businesses tend to outsource things like janitorial services, grounds keeping, food services and so forth. Lowering the cost of such thing makes a measurable difference to the bottom line.

The other two groups which are pushing for amnesty and liberalized immigration are motivated by political considerations. The Democrat Party sees in millions of Mexican immigrants potential voters who will return all three branches of government to their control and allow them to keep that control for at least the next century.

Republicans, at least the “moderate” wing of the Party, see demographic trends tending toward America becoming a “Brown” nation and are trying to get out in front by pandering. They take George W Bush’s success in getting the Hispanic vote in his last gubernatorial race in Texas (he captured around 30% of the Hispanic vote) as a sign that Mexican-Americans represent a natural constituency for the GOP. After all, they reason, Mexicans are family oriented and religious, two traits which describe the typical Republican.

This analysis is fundamentally flawed. Mexicans are family oriented and religious, but they are also human. Human beings are at the core self interested actors. We will do, and believe, what we perceive to be in our own best interest. Democrats will always be able to offer more incentives to underclass voters than Republicans. The Republican message is “work hard, play by the rules, better yourself through education and a good work ethic and you will slowly but surely acquire the American Dream.

The Democrat message, on the other hand, will be this. “You are not poor and ignorant because of any defect in yourselves or the government of Mexico. You are in misery because your land and your dignity were stolen from you by White European invaders. Ever since that time you have been held down and exploited by the descendants of those invaders. They have made themselves wealthy on your resources and your labor which they have taken and given you nothing in return except the crumbs from their table”

The government of Mexico will support this view. The Roman Catholic Church will support this view (in every respect except “sanctity of life” issues the RCC is a leftwing organization), the mainstream media will support this view, Hispanic activists like La Raza will support this view, Mexican-American elected officials will support this view, the academic establishment from college professors to elementary school teachers will support this view. In their place, with no more information that they have who would you believe?

The effect of legalizing the illegal will be to create more than 10 million new voters who will vote in a block for the Democrat Party. A Supreme Court chosen by the ACLU, not only the Bush tax cuts, but the Reagan tax cuts as well undone, national gun control laws written by Sara Brady and a “European” style foreign policy characterized by cut and run and appeasement.

Now that we know the actual agenda of the open borders crew let’s get back to their attempt to create an atmosphere of crisis in order to herd us into taking actions which would be disastrous for the nation.

We have already covered the real issue of national security. The fact that a terrorist could enter the nation by just walking across the border is a real issue. However it could be dealt with by increased border security. A wall from Brownsville, Texas to Imperial Beach, California backed up with a beefed up border patrol would solve that problem. In order to sell the notion of a guest worker program and amnesty for the illegal aliens already here the public needs to be distracted. Spun around in circles until they can barely stand. Then and only then will they be in the proper frame of mind to accept the unacceptable.

To accomplish this goal several tactics are employed simultaneously, to better disorient the public. One is the appeal to party loyalty. We are invited to forget that the majority of Republicans in the Senate and House voted against the amnesty bill and focus only on the fact that the President and a few prominent Republicans like crazy John McCain and his clique of Senatorial lickspittles are supporting it.

Loyalty to the President figures prominently in the arguments supporting the Senate bill. We are reminded that the President has done things which should please the Republican base. He cut taxes and supported faith based initiatives. He has prosecuted the war on Islamofacisim in an exemplary fashion. His Supreme Court nominations, the ones actually sent to the Senate anyway, have been excellent. He also worked behind the scenes to make sure the so-called Brady gun control law was allowed to expire.

We are told, rightly, that we should be grateful to him for these things. However we must realize that the issue of illegal immigration is categorically more important than the issue of terrorism. Osama bin Laden at his most powerful did not have the power to fundamentally alter the American way of life. Osama did not and does not have the power to raise taxes, to appoint justices to the Supreme Court, to outlaw firearms or to dictate American foreign policy. Democrat politicians do have this power if they win enough elections and with 10 + million new Democrat voters they will win every election that matters for the next 100 + years.

Let me state this again so that there will be no misunderstanding. Terrorism will not, can not, bring down the United States of America. Amnesty and open borders can and will. Not potentially or possibly but certainly, it will bring down the nation. If the immigration bill passed by the Senate becomes law the nation founded by Washington and Jefferson, Madison and Franklin will cease to exist within two generations. Terrorism at its worst cannot do this.

It is important to fight terrorism. It is vital to prevent the national electorate from being packed with an insurmountable majority of left-liberal voters. And make no mistake, they will vote for left-liberal candidates. Just look who they vote for in Mexico. Are we supposed to believe that they will switch their loyalty from Che Guevara to Thomas Jefferson just because they step north of the Rio Grande?

So I ask you how important is loyalty to Party and President? Are we Samurai, sworn to commit suicide at the whim of our lord? Or are we free citizens who realize that politicians are employees hired by us to do a job and ultimately responsible to us for their performance of their duties.

We are told that there is a crisis and that any legislation, even bad legislation, is better than no legislation. The fact is that the only crisis is that a bill that includes any kind of amnesty and liberalized immigration policy might pass the congress and be signed by the President.

Preventing this disaster is the task before us. If Republicans cave in and open the flood gates to unrestricted Third-World immigration they will rightly lose power and forfeit any hope of regaining it until some time in the 22nd century.

I know that this argument has been raging for months and everyone is well and truly sick of it. That is what the open borders crowd is praying for. They are hoping that "issue fatigue" will sap the will to resist from the people and they can pull an end run around the stated will of the vast majority of the American electorate, including the majority of legal immigrants - including Hispanics.

I beg you not to let this happen. Stay resolute for a little while longer. The House seems poised to kill this abomination. Do not give them the impression that you no longer care. The Senate RINOs, led by John McCain, and the President will be "scratching backs and fiddling with knobs", as well as calling in favors and twisting arms to make this happen.

You can stop it.