Thursday, July 27, 2006

The death throws of the death cult?

Thomas Lifson has an interesting post on The American Thinker. He quotes fellow blogger Robert Godwin:

Clinical psychologist Robert Godwin proposes an interesting framework for understanding the increasing bizarre behavior of the American Left at his very interesting website One Cosmos. Drawing on the work of psychoanalytic anthropologist Weston LaBarre, he posits that the left has become a “crisis cult” such as are found in societies whose bedrock assumptions break down in the face of the superior strength of foreign cultures impinging on their territory.

Godwin compares the American left to cargo cults which developed in Melanesia and American Indian "Ghost Dancers" who believed that when . . .facing the complete dissolution of their way of life—loss of their hunting territories, near extinction of the once vast buffalo herds, a series of disastrous military defeats, multiple droughts, and new and fatal diseases. . .that “a new skin would slide over the old earth, covering up the whites and all their works, and bringing upon it new trees and plants, great buffalo herds, the ghosts of the dead, and the great departed warriors and chiefs.” . . .if only each person in all the tribes danced the elaborate Ghost Dance.

Lifson concludes:

I think it is almost unquestionable that the Left’s belief systems have proven incongruent with the real world. Communism didn’t work and only survives as a pretext for despotism in North Korea and China. Welfare is a trap, and poor people’s lot in America has improved since access to it was term-limited. Higher taxes on “the rich” depress economic growth and throw people out of work. The list could go on.

With their gods having failed them, leftists have turned to cant, ritual, and hysterical repetition of their golden oldie playlist of slogans. And most of all, to demoinization of their opponents. It is fairly primitive, and often comic, with tinges of tragedy.

Metaphors are an effective way to understand such bizarre behavior. The more the merrier.

As you know I believe that the Left is a death cult and like any cult whose doctrines and beliefs are attacked they will fight back. Since their doctrines and beliefs are fundamentally irrational, since you cannot in fact think clearly and believe what the Left believes, their defense will be irrational.