Saturday, July 29, 2006

Hezbo' wannabe acts up

From The Washington Post:

SEATTLE, July 28 -- One woman was killed and five others were hospitalized Friday after a man who allegedly declared he was "angry with Israel" opened fire at the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle building.

The alleged gunman was arrested without a struggle inside the building, police said.

On the one hand you kind of have to admire the "gunman" for having the guts to do what his friends in the neo-Nazi Pat Buchanan right and Cindy Sheehan moonbat left only dream of doing – while they lay in bed at night masturbating to fantasies of a world without Hebrews.

Of course the real lesson here is that guns save lives. If it hadn’t been for the presence of armed guards at the building the nutjob would have gone on killing until he ran out of ammo. You see a “gun free zone” is actually a “disarmed victim zone” and the morgues are full of people who had no means to defend themselves.

It’s too bad that he was taken alive. Now the state of Washington will have to pay for his trial and his incarceration (assuming that he can be convicted, this is the Left Coast after all) for the rest of his life.