Monday, July 31, 2006

If at first you don't succeed, lie, lie again

The Moonbats have found something new to get their panties in a wad about.


NEW YORK -- There is a nationwide alert to members of law enforcement regarding a new kind of handgun which can render a bulletproof vest useless, as first reported by NewsChannel 4's Scott Weinberger.

The most shocking fact may be that the gun -- known as the "five-seven" -- is being marketed to the public, and it's completely legal

It was a very difficult decision for members of law enforcement to go public about the new weapon, but officers fear that once word of the weapon begins to circulate in the wrong circles, they will be in great danger. They agreed to speak to NewsChannel 4, hoping the public will understand what they call the most devastating weapon they face.

The weapon is light, easily concealable and can fire 20 rounds in seconds without reloading.

"This would be devastating," said Chief Robert Troy, of the Jersey City Police Department.


In Jersey City, Troy said he will appeal to lawmakers, hoping they will step in before any of his officers are confronted with the five-seven.

"This does not belong in the civilian population. The only thing that comes out of this is profits for the company and dead police officers," Troy said. "I would like the federal government to ban these rounds to the civilian public."

Ok, so we’ve heard the moonbat version. Now let’s get the truth. From the National Rifle Association’s Institute for Legislative Action:

Given the large number of lies that anti-gun groups and politicians have told over the years, we hesitate to say that this is the most dishonest and deceptive thing we have ever heard from them. But what they are saying about Fabrique Nationale`s Five-seveN pistol is among the most dishonest and deceptive to date.

By way of background, the Five-seveN is a conventional semi-automatic pistol designed to fire various types of ammunition in Fabrique Nationale`s (FN) new caliber, 5.7x28mm. As required under federal law,1 only non-armor-penetrating types of 5.7mm ammunition are imported for sale to the public, however. One such type (designated SS196) is loaded with the Hornady V-MAX ("Varmint"-Max) varmint bullet. Some ranchers, who would otherwise carry a rifle for varmint control, have taken to the Five-seveN, which is easier to carry when working in the field. A hollowpoint bullet variety (SS192) was imported initially, but FN has discontinued it in favor of the V-MAX round.

There is nothing special about the Five-seveN. It is a conventional semi-automatic pistol, like millions of other semi-automatic pistols. BATFE has determined that it is "particularly suitable for or readily adaptable to sporting purposes" and approved its importation. There is also nothing special about the 5.7mm ammunition being sold to the public. V-MAX bullets, introduced in 1996, are used in nine other popular calibers. BATFE has examined the V-MAX round and determined that it is "not armor piercing ammunition."2 (Emphasis in the original.)

However, Brady Campaign (formerly Handgun Control) began claiming in February that the Five- seveN should be banned, further claiming that FN`s website says that "Kevlar helmets and vests . . . will be penetrated" with the pistol.3 On March 3, Senator Frank Lautenberg (D-N.J.) and several others repeated the false claim during a press conference announcing legislation by Lautenberg and Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) to ban the pistol and the SS192 variety of ammunition.

Brady Campaign and their legislative water-carriers are lying. FN`s website makes that statement only with regard to "Five-seveN pistols and SS190 round"4 (Emphases in the original.) In boldface type, FN clearly specifies that its statement applies to only the SS190 variety of 5.7mm ammunition, which under federal law is not legal to manufacture or import for sale to the public.

Of course when hysterics are not enough lie through your teeth. Check out this whopper:

Queens District Attorney Richard Brown said the "cop killer" gun has a 20-round magazine, is able to shoot 50 to 100 yards with great accuracy and its bullet can pierce 48 layers of Kevlar.

Brown said that of the 616 police officers killed in the line of duty nationwide between 1994 and 2003, 425 were killed with this handgun.

This is a neat trick for a handgun that has only been available for around 2 years and has not in fact been involved in any police shootings. In fact I cannot find any evidence that it has been used in any homicides whatsoever.

Those of you who read here regularly know that I rented one of these guns and shot it at Rex’s Indoor Range in Hendersonville, NC recently. You can read about it here. Also there is a picture of the gun and its ammunition.

Some of you who are old enough may remember the brouhaha over the introduction of the Glock 17 to the US market. For the non-firearms people the Glock was the first polymer (plastic) framed pistol. It was very reliable and very durable. The anti-gun moonbats, the same people who are denouncing the Five-seveN, claimed that it was nothing but a terrorist gun.

Completely ignoring the fact that the Glock is 85% steel by weight and that every component of the gun shows up clearly on an airport X-Ray machine (including the plastic frame) it was declared to be invisible to all known firearms screening technology.

We were told that terrorists had been caught smuggling large numbers of them for use in airline hijackings. We were told that there was no legitimate reason for such a gun to exist.

They were even immortalized by Bruce Willis in one of the Die Hard movies when he described them as a “porcelain pistol made in Germany” that could be smuggled onto an airliner.

Then the majority of law enforcement agencies in the US began to issue them, including NYPD and the Washington DC police.

The gun-control loons always need some kind of boogie-man to frighten the sheep into sending in their “maximum emergency contribution”. It looks like it’s FN’s turn this time.