Sunday, July 30, 2006

Manchester Methodists are good dhimmis

From The Brussels Journal:

Until recently I did not know that Muslims are not allowed to face Mecca (nor turn their back to it) when sitting on the loo. I heard about it last April when the British press reported that Brixton Prison near London is rebuilding toilets so Muslim inmates can defecate in the right direction. First I thought it was a joke. This week, however, the BBC website has a story on a housing estate in North England. The homes, with wind turbines and solar panels on the roofs, have up to seven bedrooms, kitchens that comply with halal cuisine and “bathrooms that face away from Mecca.”

The estate, developed by
Manchester Methodist Housing Association, has been built exclusively for Muslims because, as one of the residents says, “We’re all Muslims here so yes, it is important [to live exclusively among Muslims]. For myself I’m not really too bothered but to a lot of the Muslim people, yes it is important to them and yes it is a very good idea.”

Try to imagine what would happen if a housing company in contemporary Europe were to develop a project exclusively for non-Muslims. Undoubtedly there would be an outcry, while anyone in contemporary Britain who would dare to state (even in a private conversation) that “to a lot of non-Muslims people, yes it is important not to live among Muslims and yes it is a very good idea” might find themselves
convicted in court for racism.

If I were a more crude and base man I could invent a list of other things that a good Muslim couldn't do while facing Mecca. However I choose to take the high road.

All humor aside, this is another example of why Europe is lost. This is not just a case of a land developer seeing a market and seeking profit by filling consumer demand. These houses will be government subsidized and constructing a segragated housing development for any group other than Muslims would be unlawful under British law.

That Muslims alone receive this kind of dispensation from the state is an example of how the laws of the United Kingdom are being conformed to Shaira.


Here is video of a good Muslim crapping in a direction other than toward Mecca.