Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Today's controversial post

If the rabbis of pre-WWII Germany had turned their synagogues into festering cesspools of hatred by constantly preaching that God hated the Gentile German people. If the Jews of Germany had been brought up from birth to believe that the existence of non-Jews in Germany was an affront to God and that Gentile Germans deserved only to be slaughtered to the last man, woman and child. If the Jews of Germany proceeded to act upon these beliefs by strapping explosives on their teenaged children and sending them into crowded places to blow themselves up and kill as many Gentiles as possible. If they sprayed machine gun fire into German school buses and constantly rioted in the streets throwing rocks at civilians who’s only crime was to be non-Jewish. If they used sanctuary in neighboring nations like Poland and France to launch artillery shells and rockets into Germany targeting civilian residential areas. If they made alliances with other nations which hated Germany which supplied them with ever more powerful weapons with which to murder innocent Germans. If they infested a nation bordering Germany, like Poland, to the degree that the section of Poland bordering Germany was nothing more than a Jewish stronghold and staging area for attacks into Germany. If the Polish government allowed this to happen because the Polish people had elected a majority of politicians to their parliament who supported this alliance with the Jewish terrorists. If the Polish government had issued statements threatening to send the Polish Army into battle against the Germans if they dared to send troops into Poland to deal with the Jewish terrorists using Poland as a base of operations.

If the only thing that Germany had done to merit this kind of treatment was to simply exist. And if Germany had tried over and over to make peace. If they had offered the Jews land to build an autonomous state and financial assistance in doing so. If they had shone tremendous, almost superhuman, restraint time after time in dealing with the Jews.

Then Hitler would have been 100% justified invading and conquering Poland and he would have been 100% justified to have built places like Auschwitz, complete with their gas chambers.

What made the Holocaust evil was not that a lot of people died. What made the Holocaust evil was that a lot of people who didn’t deserve to die were murdered.

After all would anyone have a problem with taking Hitler and the people who supported him and aided his rise to power and carried out his evil orders and shoving them into the “shower room” and turning on the gas?