Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A new Ecosystem member!

Well it seems that we have a new Ecosystem member. The Swap Blog has joined and they have created their own level, complete with graphic. It seems that they fit in at the Saloon Keeper level but don't want that handle because they are Southern Baptists and do not drink or trade in alcohol. So they have invented the level of Highland Cattle Rustler, description below.

I have no objection to this.

Note to self with dealing with Southern Baptists. They object to alcohol, but have no problem with theft.

Highland Cattle Rustler - This blog has more than 200 hits per day and is blogrolled on over 400 other blogs. It is regularly updated (usually several times a day), and most posts get comments. This blog has reached the place where it is known on the web, and has as many posts with links to other blogs as original posts on it. People read it just to see what this blog is talking about even if they are not interested in the topic. The highlander cattle rustler is, like the tavern keeper, a hillbilly entrepreneur in that he survives by using a mix of his / her own labor and the labors of others to prosper. Though he / she legals owns some of their cattle, there be a few head amongst the highland herd that be not purchased at auction. The highlander pays their share of taxes, but tends to estimate their wealth a bit below market value while telling the neighbors about their highly valued herds. This means that the he / she has to pay taxes, but he /she also has to defend their honor occasionally. He / she has but one that they love, but their love is always mixed with a bit of concern that a better looking / better skilled highlander may come along. The highlander cattle rustler will never retire because they are Scottish and they only know work, but they will leave a lot of money to their family and the local orphans

Here is the graphic they designed

Welcome to the family! Go over and pay them a visit.