Sunday, August 27, 2006

Selective outrage

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Mel Gibson's apology for making drunken anti-Semitic remarks isn't enough to redeem him, actor-producer Rob Reiner said. The actor also must acknowledge that "his work reflects anti-Semitism," particularly the 2004 hit movie "The Passion of the Christ," Reiner told Associated Press Radio.

"When he comes to the understanding that he has done that, and can come out and say, you know, `My views have been reflected in my work and I feel bad that I've done that,' then that will be the beginning of some reconciliation for him," Reiner said.

As one of Hollywood's most prominent leftists Reiner must know that this San Francisco protester is the face of the modern left as regards Jews. So what is Reiner's problem?

Hat Tip for the photo to Born Again Redneck.