Monday, August 28, 2006

Winning India

From The American Spectator:

With the conflicts and disorder of the Middle East consuming the attention of much of the civilized world, there is yet another battle raging on -- though few in the West are even slightly aware of its potential consequences or that it is even taking place. This one involves the world's great powers and will likely shape the international environment for the foreseeable future. The Bush Administration's early March nuclear deal with New Delhi has set the United States on the proper course in this struggle, but if Washington is to emerge victorious, it must not let any short-term success come to be understood as the ultimate triumph and simply move on.

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Which side India comes down on is of enormous importance. They have a population almost as large as China, but are a liberal democracy. They spent the post WWII period economically handicapped by their flirtation with socialism, but never fell into totalitarian communism. Consequently their economy and infrastructure are in better shape than either Russia or Red China's.

They are also, as Mr. McLean points out in the article, engaged in a death struggle with Islam in the same manner as the United States. This common enemy presents a strong reason to strengthen relations.

It is very encouraging to see the Bush administration doing the right things here. If George W Bush can engineer an alliance between India and the US he will cement his place in the pantheon of great presidents despite his wrong headedness on immigration.