Saturday, September 30, 2006

Asheville part II

Looking over the top of the Vance Memorial the building with the red roof was, in the early 1980s the hottest gay nightclub in Asheville. It stayed open till about 5:00 AM and after the other bars and nighclubs would close it would lose its gay character and become an after hours hangout for other bar/restaurant employees.

The lower building to the left of the Jackson Building is the headquarters for both the Asheville Police Dept. and the Asheville Fire Dept.

Beside the Buncombe Co. Courthouse is the Asheville City Office Building. Originally they were supposed to have the same architecture, but the City and County couldn't come to an agreement and so went their separate ways. This is still happening today.

Looking past the office building toward the hospital district.

Here's a better view of that church. Note the classic European design.

Contrast that with the First Baptist Church. It along with the Catholic Church that I showed you here. They appear Byzantine with their domed roofs.

In the upper left corner of this shot you can see the Grove Park Inn.