Thursday, September 28, 2006

Hatred from some people is a complement

From The Brussels Jorunal:

A quote from Wim Uyttersprot, the CEO of the Brussels company U2U, in a message to an Israeli businessman:

I appreciate your interest in my company, but after the destructive and inhumane war crimes that Israel committed in Lebanon, and because of the apartheid regime that your government is enforcing in Palestine, U2U does not see it fit to connect itself with Israeli products. I hope the political situation in your country changes completely and will be based on peace and respect for non Jewish cultures. Warm regards, Wim Uyttersprot

Too bad this company doesn't do business in the US. I would like to send them my regards by boycotting their services.

Of course going through life with a name like, "Wim Uyttersprot" might just be punishment enough.