Friday, October 27, 2006

The "racist" ad

Here is the ad that the RNC ran in Tennessee which got all the Democrat panties in a wad. When they realized that the ad was accurate in its characterization of Harold Ford as someone who would support bringing back the death tax, opposed the terrorist wire tapping program, would ban guns and was so politically tone deaf that he attended the Playboy Superbowl Party in Jacksonville and that these things would cause the majority of Tennessee voters to not vote for him they biggest gun in their arsenal.

A charge of racism.

It doesn't matter that you need to have the special DNC issued decoder ring to decipher the racism in the ad. All that does matter is that the charge was made. This caused the RNC and Ford's opponent to run like scared little schoolgirls and hide under the bed.

I am tired of Republicans who cower at the merest hint of disapproval from the mainstream media. The ad was damn funny and did an excellent job of getting across exactly what kind of man Ford is and what he would do if elected.

Ridicule is one of the most effective rhetorical weapons there is. When it is based in truth, as in this case, it can be devastating. There are few things more ridiculous than left liberals. We should not be shy about pointing that out.Top of Form