Thursday, November 30, 2006

Eurabia or not? Peters vs Belien

Ralph Peters is a smart man who has lately become prone to saying some really stupid things. Like this op-ed in the New York Post in which he asserts that there is no chance of Europe becoming Eurabia.

Peters' point is that Europeans are vicious when they get their backs up and are, after all, the people who invented genocide. He believes that Muslims in Europe are living on borrowed time and that the US military might be called upon to evacuate the Muslim population of Europe to America.

Paul Belien answers Peters in The Brussels Journal:

We see how the inner cities and suburbs in various European countries are degenerating into “no go” areas, where people get killed, where the police no longer venture and where radical Muslims hold sway. The French authorities have published a list of 751 “sensitive urban areas,” which are no longer under the control of the authorities and which have become, as Daniel Pipes remarked, the “Dar al-Islam, the place where Muslims rule.” Almost 5 million people, or 8% of the French population, live in these “sensitive urban areas.”


If there is any danger that [European] far-right groups […], become involved in ethnic cleansing, it will not be a case of the indigenous Fascists going after the Muslims, but rather of the Neo-Nazis joining the Muslims when the latter go after the Jews. Peters warns that “Europe’s uslims are living on borrowed time.” I fear Europe’s Jews are living on borrowed time.

[…] The ageing and dwindling group of indigenous Europeans will not exterminate the young and growing group of Muslim immigrants. When it comes to fighting, old people are no match for youngsters. The only way for an older generation to exterminate a younger one is through abortion. That, unfortunately, Europe has done – with its own children.

On todya's Mike Church Show Peters said that if population numbers meant anything that the Chinese and the Indians would be ruling the world. I have this question for Mr. Peters. If you brought 400,000,000 Chinese to the United States and gave them the right to vote, but their loyalties still lay with China, who would control the nation?