Saturday, November 25, 2006

Krammer says. . .

It is official. The Michael Richards story is over. The "real" Krammer has spoken:

For Kenny Kramer, role model for the "Seinfeld" character who shared his surname, each call was a reminder of the intersection between his real life and his sitcom doppelganger. Actor Michael Richards _ the on-air Cosmo Kramer _ made headlines this week with a racist rant in a Los Angeles comedy club.


Kramer said he wasn't too worried that people would confuse Kramer, the character, with Kramer, the person.

Just in case, however, he issued a two-sentence statement drawing the distinction: "I know the public is smart enough to realize that Michael Richards' personal actions in no way reflect on the character he portrayed on television or me, Kenny Kramer, the real person that the character was based on."


"You know what the good news is?" he asked. "Judith Regan is now on a plane to California, trying to sign Michael Richards to a book deal: `If I Were a Racist, Here's What I Would Have Said.'"

Can't add anything to that.