Saturday, November 25, 2006

Will Europe awaken? Probably not.

From The Brussels Journal:

Let’s review where we stand, shall we? Since the French and Dutch “No” votes, five more states have approved the European Constitution, bringing to 18 the number of nations to have ratified. Meanwhile, every government remains devoted to the text.

Germany’s Angela Merkel says the European constitution is “vital to German interests.” Italy’s Romano Prodi says he interprets the “No” votes as “a demand for more Europe, not less.” Spain insists that its “Yes” vote be allowed to stand. Austria and Finland want ratification to be completed by the end of 2007, and Belgium suggests changing the rules so that this can happen by a majority vote rather than by unanimity.

In France, both main presidential candidates are committed to pushing ahead: Nicolas Sarkozy says he wants a “mini-treaty” that will contain all the constitution’s main elements, while Ségolène Royal says that, if Britain has problems with the constitution, the rest of the EU should go ahead without it. Not that the UK is trying to back out: it seems to have agreed in principle to the Sarkozy “mini-treaty” proposal.

Am I forgetting anyone? Oh yes, there is one solitary voice of dissent: that of the ordinary citizen who, whenever invited to express an opinion on the Constitution, keeps rejecting it. Opinion has swung against the constitution over the past two years, both in France and the Netherlands and in those countries whose governments went ahead with ratification – most spectacularly in Germany, where two thirds of people now say they would vote “No”. Not that any of the governments seems to care.

The people of Europe could change this any time they wanted too. All they would need to do is vote in different people.

However to do that they would have to vote for people that their news media and their political and academic elites tell them are dangerously unstable, neo-fascists, racists and probably pro-American as well.

The fact is that the average European has been conditioned by a lifetime of immersion in a suffocating cradle-to-grave welfare state to fear individual responsability. They do not want to take care of themselves. They have become what amounts to a giant herd of human sheep.

At the end of the day the sheep do not stand up to the shepherd or the sheep dog. Europe will have its Union and will "enjoy" it for better or worse for about the next 25-35 years. Then it will be transformed into the great Eurabian Caliphate under sharia.