Sunday, December 31, 2006

Did you ever notice. . .

From The Jerusalem Post:

While most Israelis were not sorry to hear about the death of former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, MK Muhammad Barakei (Hadash) on Sunday denounced the Saturday execution, saying that the US had not acted appropriately regarding Saddam.

"If he did improper things and he's carrying a can of worms on his back, I think human society shouldn't use the same methods as legitimate against him," said Barakei in an interview with Army Radio. "From every side, this is a view that has no place."

Barakei was the second Arab MK to denounce the execution after Balad MK Ahmad Tibi on Saturday called it a "sadistic act and a mark of Cain on the American occupation [in Iraq]" and added that "even dictators deserve humanitarian treatment."

Saddam Hussein killed more Muslims than the IDF and US military combined. That fact is beyond debate, yet it seems to make no difference whatsoever to the average Arab/Muslim.

This attitude has always puzzled me. The death of a million Muslims at the hand of a Muslim tyrant goes with barely a comment, yet the death of a brutal tyrant or murderous terrorist at the hands of the Israelis or Americans brings on murderous rage.

Apparently to the Islamic masses Muslim life has no inherent value and achieves worth only to the extent that it gives one an excuse to vent fury at the Jews or the Great Satan.

I realize that one more example of Islamic pathology can hardly be expected to raise eyebrows in a world filled to overflowing with such examples, but I still find it interesting.