Wednesday, January 31, 2007

At least somebody is doing something right

From The Washington Post:

RICHMOND, Jan. 30 The Virginia House of Delegates approved a far-reaching proposal Tuesday to strip charities and other organizations of state and local funding if any of the money is used to provide services to immigrants in the country illegally.

The proposal, one of nearly 50 immigration-related bills under consideration by the General Assembly, could force such groups as the Salvation Army and the Virginia Association of Free Clinics to verify immigration status before offering assistance to those in need or risk losing funding.

"This is to make sure the monies that are going to charities and organizations go to the people they are intended to go to, which is legal immigrants," said Del. Jackson H. Miller (R-Manassas), the sponsor of the bill. "The ultimate goal is to make the commonwealth of Virginia an unwelcome place if you are in this country illegally."

Responded Kitty Hardt, director of program operations at Commonwealth Catholic Charities: "We don't stop services to look for documentation."

Nor should you, as Christians, however you have to know that money from the government comes with strings attached and if you want to keep getting it yoiu have to dance to whatever tune the state wishes to play. Why not trust God to move his people's hearts to give whatever He has decided you need and tell the government to kiss off?

This is a good thing that the Virginans are doing. Every square inch of America should be an "unwelcome place" if you are here illegally. The sooner other states and the federal government pick up on that fact the better.