Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Dying Europe

A moonbat who stops by every once in a while left this comment in defense of Old Europe:

Oh yea!! High crime rate, gun violence, crumbling cities, starving people begging for food, people dying from a serious lack of health care, yea you're right, they are really on they're last leg over there.

Actually the standard of living is higher in liberal areas of the US and the world than it is in conservative ones. Maybe you should look a little further than a right wing website to gather your stats and ideas. Here's a novel idea, how about actually going to europe and see it for yourself. I've been many times and it's hardly the sewer of forgotten glories you guys make it out to be.

Actually Europe is on its last leg. They have built themselves a comfortable welfare state with cradle to grave social services and financed it with confiscatory tax rates. Tax rates which suck so much money out of the private sector that a company like Airbus needs government subsidies to survive because there isn't enough cash in the private sector to finance them through investment.

Employment laws make it so difficult and expensive to fire a non-productive employee that most employers don't even try. Of course they also do all in their power to avoid hiring anyone new, because doing so gives them what amounts to a lifetime obligation. This is a large part of the reason that the unemployment rate in most European nations is over 10% and shows no sign of ever dropping.

Then there's the low birthrate. Europeans are not reproducing in numbers sufficient to maintain their population. This presents a serious problem because Europe's generous old age/retirement benefits have to be paid for by current tax revenue. To solve this problem European nations have imported vast numbers of predominantly Muslim immigrants from North Africa and the Middle East. These immigrants have failed to assimilate and will soon become a majority of the population in many Old European countries.

These Muslim immigrants practice "fetching marriages" which bring in still more Muslim immigrants who are even more unassimilated. Many of these Muslims go on welfare and live in self segregated communities which enforce sharia law and where native police are not welcome, and fear to go.

As these Muslim immigrants become larger percentages of the population they demand greater accommodation from the native citizens. Before long they will demand that Islamic law be applied across the entire culture. Let me ask you this, will you still like to travel to Europe when all the bars and brothels have been closed down?

As for crime I guess you weren't there when the "immigrant youths" were lighting up the Paris nights with burning cars, and in some cases burning people. For a no holds barred look at what is becoming of Europe I recommend Bruce Bawer's book While Europe Slept.

Far from a right-wing ideologue Bawer is a politicaly liberal homosexual who left the United States in order to live in a place where his homosexuality would be not just tolerated but celebrated. He also wished to legally marry his companion who was European.

Have you ever heard the expression "eating the seed corn"? Europe has sacrificed its future to a more comfortable present. The bill is coming due.