Wednesday, January 24, 2007

One part of Old Europe is about to

Become a bit less friendly for liberals:

Belgium is going to vote a bill which forbids humans from having sex with animals. Recently a Belgian man who had sexual intercourse with his bitch was acquitted in court. The judge argued that he had done nothing illegal since there is no law prohibiting sex with dogs. Last week the Belgian Senate refused to institute a prohibition of sex with animals. On Tuesday, however, a majority in the Health Committee of the Belgian House of Representatives, which can introduce bills without the approval of the Senate, deemed that intercourse between men and beasts is harmful for the animals and decided to prohibit it as part of the new Animal Welfare Act.

In future, Belgians who copulate with their dogs or cats, or rape their rabbits, risk a jail sentence of six months to one year and a fine of €1,000 ($1,300). While Belgian legislators are no longer concerned about public morality at least they care about animal welfare…

This from Paul Belien at The Brussels Journal.