Saturday, January 27, 2007

Will the real Hillary. . .

As I was driving home Friday I heard radio talk host Mike Church read portions of an editorial from some paper talking about Hillary's attempt to transform herself, or the public perception of herself, from a shrill, hard-edged, totalitarian Marxist hyper-feminist to a moderate and reasonable woman of the political center.

I wanted to post it, but couldn't remember which paper had printed it. I found it over on Shooting the Messenger so follow the link and it will be worthh your while.

Here is a sample:

Fifteen years ago there was once a principled, if somewhat rebarbative and unelectable politician called Hillary Rodham Clinton. A woman who aggressively preached abortion on demand and the right of children to sue their own parents, a committed believer in the power of government who tried to create a healthcare system of such bureaucratic complexity it would have made the Soviets blush; a militant feminist who scorned mothers who take time out from work to rear their children as “women who stay home and bake cookies”.

Today we have a different Hillary Rodham Clinton, all soft focus and expensively coiffed, exuding moderation and tolerance.