Sunday, February 25, 2007

Defective Glocks

Sharp as a Marble has an open letter for Glock:

Dear Glock,

I recently purchased a 10mm Glock 29 and I am sad to say that your reputation for producing "quality firearms" is undeserved. Since my purchase, your firearm has completely failed to live up to its promise.

I have been told time and time again that easy access to firearms is the number one cause of violent crime in today's society. Well, being a concealed weapons permit holder, your so called 'gun' is always within reach and to this day, I've yet to shoot anyone over a parking space. Why just this morning, some jackass decided to cut me off on the highway. The way the newspapers make it seem, a quality firearm would have leaped out of my holster and immediate put several rounds in said jackass' fender block. This did not happen.

Also, I've noticed that when I go shopping, your 'sidearm' completely fails to open fire on innocent bystanders. To this date, I have not experienced a single "accidental discharge" that has maimed or killed a nun holding a newborn infant.

Over and over again we are informed on how carrying a weapon makes even cloistered priests violent, snarling beasts. I can't manage anything more than a polite smile and a "hi" when I greet others.

I have been assured repeatedly by the Brady Campaign, The New York Times, and various anti-gun sites that simply owning a firearm makes one a killer and here I sit without even so much as a speeding ticket to my name. I couldn't even muster up enough rage to pull my weapon and point it at the loud patron who sat behind me at a concert, singing off key to get him to shut up.

I am totally dissatisfied with your weapon. It's almost like everything we're told by the media about guns and gun control is a lie, but I know it's really just a defective pistol I bought.

Sharp as a Marble

You know now that he mentions it none of my Glocks has ever up and kilt anyone all by itself either and I've owned more than ten of them starting with a first generation model 17 way back when they were first introduced. This goes beyond an individual gun with a defect and speaks of a fundamental design flaw.

I think all of us Glock owners should consider filing a class action suit. We should hire John Edwards to represent us. After all he became rich enough to buy a US Senate seat trying cases with every bit as much merit as ours.