Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Fred rising

From The New York Sun:

The latest USA Today/Gallup poll, conducted Friday through Sunday, on the presidential race is out, and it's a humdinger. It's hard to say what the headline even is. Here are a few tries, though:

* Romney's support drops to within the margin of error of not existing (that's 3% support in a poll where the margin of error is 3%).

* Giuliani's support drops 13 percentage points since the last USA Today/Gallup poll, March 2-4 (that's gotta hurt).

* Fred Thompson (not running, by the way) is now the No. 3 in the GOP field, at 12%.
Ultimately, however, I'll go with the headline I've chosen above: "Thompson Takes Bites Out of Giuliani, Romney." . . .

It is time for Mitt Romney and John McCain to read the handwriting on the wall and withdraw from the race.

Neither one of them has a chance in hell of winning the nomination and if they can't even get the people in their own party to vote for them then how do they expect to get the general public to support them?

Every penny of cash they collect from this point on is money which will be wasted. It will be money which is taken away from a Republican who could win. Every square inch of the spotlight they hog will only be a distraction from a candidate who could win.

I know that it is difficult to give up a life's ambition, but the time comes when one simply face the facts.