Monday, March 26, 2007

Today's belly laugh

From The Washington Post:

New York Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, a self-made billionaire, has told friends more than once that his definition of good financial planning is making sure the check to the undertaker bounces when it's finally time to go.

So how does a billionaire spend all his money before he dies? In Bloomberg's case, he just might drop a cool half-billion on a long-shot bid to become the nation's first modern president from outside the two major political parties.

As fellow New Yorkers Rudolph W. Giuliani (R) and Hillary Rodham Clinton (D) campaign vigorously across the country to become their parties' nominees and prepare for what would be an electric general-election clash, Bloomberg is governing the "ungovernable city" -- and patiently waiting in the wings.

Publicly, the Democrat-turned-Republican professes no interest in the top job at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. But the founder of the Bloomberg financial news empire has dropped enough hints and has had enough tantalizing discussions with potential supporters that people who observe the city's politics for a living are convinced he is at least thinking about it.

Lemuel pauses to let the hysterical laughter subside.

I hope he does it for two reasons.

1. It would improve Republican chances to have a candidate running to Mrs. Bill Clinton's left. Bloomberg would split the moonbat vote down the middle. To that end I urge him to order the NYPD to close down all the City's military recruitment offices. That way he can show the world what he thinks about ChimpyMcHalliburtonChenystein's illegal war. He could also attempt to have the Israeli mission to the UN expelled from the city. This should show the modern Democrat Party that he is "their guy".

2. If he spends $500,000,000.00 of his own money on a vanity presidential campaign with absolutely no hope of success that will be half a billion that he can't spend on other left-wing causes. Think of the harm that eco-Nazis could do with that kind of cash. Think of all the evil uses that the big leftist foundations like Ford or MacArthur could put that money to. Think of how many children's futures could be destroyed if that money were given to the educationist establishment. Far better that it be used to buy media across the nation where most of it will wind up being pumped into local economies.

Bloomberg is a fool. If he wishes to squander his money and humiliate himself I say bring it on.

Update: About point one. The Clinton's know this as well which is why all New Yorkers who visit Central Park should be on the lookout for Bloomberg's cadaver resting in some easy to find place one morning. Expect to find a handgun which the Mayor had never seen before somewhere near his hand and for the blood stains on his body to appear to have run in gravity defying ways. In order to protect your own lives do not notice this. Also do not notice that the bottoms of his shoes are clean even though he would have had to walk across more than a hundred yards of wet grass to get to where you found him. In fact it would be better if you just left the area and phoned in an anonymous tip to the cops from a pay phone somewhere distant from your home or workplace.