Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Fun with black powder

I confess that I am fascinated with the old cap and ball revolvers. Notice how long the process of loading the thing is. This is why Josey Wales carried about six of them.

Speaking of Josie Wales, how many of you know that the movie was based on a book called "Gone To Texas" and that there was a sequel called "The Vengeance Trail of Josey Wales", both by Forrest Carter?

Both books are currently in print as a combined edition available here. Clint Eastwood bought the film rights to both novels and made the first one into the film The Outlaw Josie Wales. He planned on making the second book into a movie, but other projects kept getting in his way.

Eastwood's movie making talents today are directed toward making politically correct films which can win Oscars, rather than good movies which are fun to watch so it is unlikely that the second movie will be made unless Eastwood decides to sell the rights.

It has been reported that Eastwood has told friends that he will never sell the rights to Vengeance Trail out of fear that another director might make a movie which would be regarded as superior to Josie Wales, which is widely regarded as his finest work.