Sunday, May 27, 2007

Of course there's a double standard

From The Scotsman:

SOME would call it the Devil's work. Two ancient religions have locked horns in a bizarre "freedom of speech" row that is echoing around the corridors of one of Scotland's oldest academic institutions.

The University of Edinburgh has granted permission to the Pagan Society to hold its annual conference - involving talks on witchcraft, pagan weddings and tribal dancing - on campus next month. Druids, heathens, shamans and witches are expected to attend what is a major event in the pagan calendar.

But the move has enraged the Christian Union, which accuses the university of double standards after banning one of its events on the "dangers" of homosexuality.
Notice the scare quotes around the word "dangers". I guess The Scotsman doesn't consider the vastly higher rates of sexually transmitted disease, including but not limited to HIV, in the homosexual community and the sharply higher suicide rate and the higher rates of domestic violence to be "dangerous".

Matthew Tindale, an Edinburgh-based Christian Union staff worker, claimed some faiths and beliefs appeared to be more equal than others on campus.

"This seems to be a clear case of discrimination," he said. "It's okay for other religions, such as the pagans, to have their say at the university, but there appears to be a reluctance to allow Christians to do the same. All we are asking for is the tolerance that is afforded to other faiths and organisations."

The Union has won strong backing from the Catholic Church in Scotland, whose spokesman, Simon Dames, felt that allowing the pagan festival to go ahead while barring the Union meeting was an example of "Christianphobia".

"This appears to be a clear case of double standards," he said. "The principles of a pluralistic democracy revolve around an acceptance of competing ideas and universities should be enshrining this principle. Anti-racism groups would never be asked to put up posters saying there are alternative views."

Of course they wouldn't and if you really believe that your arguments will actually carry any weight inside a European Union member state you are an idiot. The EU is considering sanctions against several member states because of their supposed "homophobia" which is defined as the failure to promote homosexuality in schools. More on the EU's attempts to bludgeon member states into compliance on the "party line" on homosexuality can be found here.

If the Christians want to stop the pagans from being able to use the university campus they're going to have to do more than point out the unfairness of the situation. I know they should start a rumor that the pagans are Islamophobic! That will get them shut down.

BTY, check out the picuture of the witch up top. Why is it in Asheville the witches tend to look more like Janet Reno?