Friday, June 01, 2007

90 degrees in DC! OMG we're all doomed!

From The Washington Post:

Yesterday, as the temperature pushed toward 90 degrees in the capital, global warming caused a meltdown in the Bush administration's message machine.

Just as President Bush was about to wheel out his "new international climate change framework," the NASA administrator, Michael Griffin, declared that there is no need to take action against global warming.

"Whether that is a long-term concern or not, I can't say," he said in an interview with National Public Radio, adding: "I am not sure that it is fair to say that it is a problem we must wrestle with." In fact, Griffin found it "rather arrogant" to suggest that global warming is a bad thing.

A couple of hours after the broadcast, Griffin's boss took the stage at the Ronald Reagan Building to endorse just such arrogance -- an initiative aimed at reducing greenhouse gases. "The United States takes this issue seriously," Bush said.

Well global warming must be a proven fact after all it was 90 degrees in Washington DC! It never gets that hot in Washington DC, at least not in the summer! Its not like Washington DC was built on land that used to be a malarial swamp or anything!

I just have one question for you. Who has more credibility a literal rocket scientist from NASA who is risking his job by speaking an unpopular truth or a politician with low approval numbers who is pandering to the soccor moms who don't know any better than to believe what the mainstream media tells them.