Thursday, June 28, 2007

I remember. . .

One of the nice things about getting older is that you can look back at stuff that you were there to get in on and was cool, but isn't around any more. Here is a clip from the movie The Rocky Horror Picture Show:

Not only am I old enough to have gone to the midnight shows with all the people dressed up in costume and shouted at the screen and sang along - I am old enough to have seen the movie when it was released on its first run. Back before it was discovered by late night movie goers. I remember telling everybody who would listen that I had seen this funny and very cool movie about transvestites from space and everybody looking at me like I had suddenly started speaking Chinese. I was even accused of making the whole thing up.

But I had my revenge when I saw some of those same scoffers prancing around dressed in sequened corsets, black lace panties and fishnet hose (I even saw some of them at one of the midnight showings of the movie).

Now be honest. How many of you saw the movie and liked it before it was cool? How many of you have never seen it at all?

PS, this movie made cinematic history in two ways. One, it was the first of the midnight cult movies and two, it was the only one of Susan Sarandon's pictures in which she kept her breasts covered for the entire movie.