Saturday, June 23, 2007

The left should stick with atheism, it's more honest for them

Whenever I hear that the "religious left" has made a pronouncement of some kind I eagerly tune in to hear what it is. That is because there is endless entertainment value for the discerning connoisseur of the bizarre. Because if you want to hear convoluted "good is evil, black is white, right is left" reasoning there is no better source than those leftists who wrap themselves in the cloak of religiosity.

They do not disappoint this time around, from Front Page Magazine:

Religious Left activists, after nearly 40 years of silence, are finally speaking up about “religious freedom” in communist Cuba!

But their “religious freedom” concerns are focused exclusively on U.S. restrictions against their own junkets to Cuba. A delegation of leftwing church officials converged on Capitol Hill to lobby for a removal of all limits on travel to Cuba. The activists posed for a smiling photo with Congressman Charles Rangel of New York, who is proposing the travel ban removal.

A letter to members of Congress from 13 denominations and Religious Left groups complained, with no sense of irony, that U.S. travel restrictions on Cuba “"are unfair and inappropriate, restrain religious freedom and reflect undue governmental interference in the exercise of religion." For this crowd, religious liberty is only an important issue when it impinges on their own self-important activity. John McCullough, who heads Church World Service, which is the relief arm of the National Council of Churches, complained that U.S. travel policies on Cuba "have inconsistently limited religious travel by the broader church organizations, while readily approving more frequent visits by individual church congregations."

In the two years before the new 2005 restrictions on travel to Cuba began, the National Council of Churches (NCC) sent 33 delegations to Cuba. Now, the NCC is only to four trips per year to Cuba. If anything, sparing Cuban Christians the torment of dozens of NCC visits would seem to be an argument in favor of U.S. travel limits! But the Religious Left argues that the restrictions harm fellow Christians in Cuba.

I second the writer's suggestion that sparing the persecuted Cuban Christians the tedium and insult of a visit from a bunch of socialist hippies in clerical collars should be considered an act of kindness.